Eating zeolite a problem?


Jun 15, 2022
I would like to know if the fact that one of my 2 week old muscovy ducklings is digging into the wood chip bedding to the (very small amount) zeolite below is an issue. I don't know if that is toxic. I am using it for odor control.
Zeolite does not appear to be toxic, in fact, it sometimes is used as a detoxifying agent in animals and people both. Here is an article from the National Inst. of Health about it. Here is a quote that focuses on that issue:

EFSA evaluated and proved the zeolite-clinoptilolite non-toxicity for animal feed at doses of 10000 mg/kg. Oral consumption of this type of zeolite, due to its extreme chemical stability, in EFSA’s opinion, does not represent a potential risk for in vivo applications (EFSA Panel on Additives and Products or Substances used in Animal Feed, 2013). (European Food Safety Authority - similar to U.S. FDA)

But there are other articles online that point out that dust can have a carcinogenic effect if you (or animals) breathe it in, not because of the Zeolite, but because of the silica dust. There was a heated discussion as well between a couple of bloggers about the safety of Zeolite for humans as a detox supplement:
Con: Mike Adams, Health Ranger
Pro, and answering his arguments: Anna Rodgers, Touchstone Essentials
Thanks Boppo for that explanation. I have renewed interest after reading what you wrote about zeolite for me too! I tend to agree with Anna.
One thing I would watch out for is possible deficiencies in your ducklings. Since Zeolite can cause the body to flush toxins it can also flush out vitamins and any supplements you are giving.
Ok, will do. The duckling seems to have stopped digging as much, so I'm not too worried.
I used zeolite recently in a run which was very wet due to tons of rain recently and noticed my ducjs in lay (im in sthern hemisphere so they are all coming into lay) were eating it.
i freaked out but no one got sick and the ducks. Who were eating at time of the stuff sent to be the healthiest of the lot laying eggs with great shell quality and going broody.

So I googled it and found that is actually a supplement in some poultry feed what apparently can prove eggshell quality and also decrease the amount of bacterial infections and other health issues.

So I would love to hear anything more about anybodies experience with this mineral, as it apparently increases eggshell quality but has a lot of other benefits that Oyster shell doesn't like improving their immunity to certain conditions and improving their general health etc.

sorry Id include the link that I looked at that said all this, but I kind of glanced at it and accidentally closed the page and now I can't find it even in my last viewed pages...

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