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9 Years
Apr 20, 2010
New Brunswick, Canada
at what point do you decide what to keep and what to toss??
is bruising acceptable?
We had a weird bunch this year where all the smaller ones went down on their legs. If a chicken goes down on its legs is it safe to eat?
Edibility to me is greatly a personal choice. A little bruising or a chicken going down on its legs is not going to make it unfit to eat. But not the kind of thing you would want to sell or give away.

If something is sick enough to die or found dead.... I'm not that hungry thanks.
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Were they a cornishX or some meat X that are bred to gain weight? If they are, that is kinda expected. If they are a standard dual purpose breed I would want to know the cause of them going down before I would eat them.
Strangly the cornish X ones I have seen go down on their legs are often the smaller ones and when cleaning them the hearts most if not all showed signs of trouble and had liquid in the heart sac.
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