(Edited) Just got 1-month-old chicks and have questions

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by IvyMaeWilliams, Mar 5, 2012.

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    Mar 5, 2012
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    Hi y'all! After a couple of years of wishing and planning, I finally have my chickens! I just got 6 2-month-old Golden Comets and they're doing great. I have a couple of questions, though, and I know this is the place to get answers. :)
    We're in North Central Florida, and we're getting some coldish nights where the house gets down to about 64-66 degrees. How concerned to I have to be about keeping them warm at this age? They have some real feathers, but not all. Last night, they were huddled together, so we got up several times in the night to turn on a heat source near them. Do y'all think we need to do this, or are we being overprotective first time chick parents?
    Secondly, I read that this type of chicken matures quickly. The outside coop/run isn't quite ready for them. How long do you think we have before we need to move them outside? This was probably our last "cold" snap.
    Thanks so much! I'm happy to be posting here at last!
    --Ivy Mae
    PS Reading the "first egg" thread kept me up pretty late last night! :)
    EDITED TO ADD: after looking at pics of different age chicks, I think these are definitely closer to one month than 2. They are about half feathers, half down and fit in the palm of my hand. They're currently housed in a large dog crate in our house but spent most of today out on the porch.
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    Probably should complete the main coop/run ASAP. Even if they seem to have plenty of room in the temp quarters, if they are the least bit crowded they could begin feather picking, which could lead to cannibalism and even the death of some. Don't mean to alarm you, but the sooner the better. Congrats on your new obsession.....Pop
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    You can put them in the coop whenever you're ready. Most people find that between 6 to 8 weeks their chicks are feathered enough to withstand the elements. I put 4 hens out in the coop over the winter at 6 weeks of age and they did fine. We had some nights down to low 30's and days that stayed near freezing. Nothing wrong with being over protective.... just don't stress yourself over the minute details. Chickens are great at taking care of themselves. Enjoy!

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