EE already crowing?


5 Years
Mar 12, 2014
Central IL
I have an EE which I believe to be a rooster. I have no clue what it'll look like or anything about the breed but that they lay colored eggs. This chick I have is about 3.5 weeks of age and sounds like it's already crowing! I know it's most likely not but it stretches out it's head and makes this big loud high pitch almost mechanical sounding crow. Does anyone know why or what is causing it. Nothing's wrong with him but I feel like it's a breed specific thing
I've seen and heard of chicks crowing as early as one day old. Some will start sooner and some later. I don't think it has much to do with the breed, as EEs are usually mixes. Just be happy you can tell early. I know I hate waiting lol
This is the little guy but it's a picture from like 3 days ago. A little bigger and has more brown now
Looks like a cockerel to me, too. I've had chicks start crowing at less than three weeks old before.

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