EE+BR= Gender question


9 Years
Sep 2, 2010
SE Georgia
I have 6 chicks that just hatched. Two of those are from Barred Rock eggs. The roo is an EE. One chick has a white spot on the head and the other is solid black. If the chicks are crossed with EE can the spot still help determine gender? Also, is it possible to determine the layer of the other chicks based on their colors? I have several EEs all of different coloring and patterns. Its not really important but I'm always curious about this stuff. One chick is white, two are a pale gold color and one is a darker gold with a chipmunk pattern. The roo is that reddish color and father of all chicks.

I'm not sure on the other, who laid the egg. The color genetics are so varied with ees. Maybe when they're older you can take some guesses?

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