EE Contest! ~CLOSED~


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Apr 2, 2008
Southern Maine
Must include approx. age & name of EE. Here's some other really great rules: And anyone who wants to be a judge please PM me.

OK, this ends in 5 days (April 30) so I just want to say:

1) The winners will be announced on May 1, in a seperate thread.

2) Sorry, there's no prizes- if you have a prize you could donate, please PM me.

3) There will be two honorable mentions, a 3rd prize, 2nd prize, and 1st prize.

4) The judges will decide on the winners by voting.

5) Chickens will be judged on sticking to the breed, photo quality, and beauty.

I'm also going to put this on the first post.

Some of the other contests I started are:
RIR contest
Sequence contest
Chix Pix (ended, see winners here )

Lillith 2 days

Fatima 2 days

Charlotte 1.5 wks. (The small one)

Penelope 1 yr+

Penny now lives with FrozenFeathers

OK! Contest officially closed! Seperate thread to announce winners... coming up!
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Oct 5, 2007
I will help you judge if you want I love EE's and have one but I don't have any pictures and I am not baised LOL

I will PM you also

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