EE Egg Colors?

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    I have a 26 w/o EE that to my knowledge hasn't started laying yet. She gets in the nest boxes and plays house, but nothing. Today I caught her laying on someone elses eggs. I'm just wondering if she isn't laying blue green eggs? What other colors could she lay? I've been getting brown, pinky cream, and light cream colored eggs. These could be from my other girls, but my EE has been spending lots of time in the nest boxes.

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    An EE can lay a wide variety of colors, including the ones you mentioned. Try seperating her for a day or two.
  3. One of mine lays just a little lighter than a bo's egg but they are omg huge every time. Another lays with such a slight pink tint that unless you hold it against something white you don't really see it. I guess because they are a mixed breed you could get anything in the spectrum under the right genetic circumstances.
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    Our EE girls lay eggs that are a pale olive green. Somedays there are ones with a bluer hue. We can tell which EE laid which egg because each girl has a slightly different color egg.
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    My EE lays sky blue eggs she lays very well usually but not right now [​IMG] she did start late though.

    Good Luck with your EE's


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