EE Hen EE Roo and RIW Pair WARNING UGLIEST Chicken Ever pic inside-RIR


10 Years
Jun 30, 2009
Lebanon TN
Making some tough decisions on some of my pens...some need to relocate. Please don't click the BIN button as we have all of these for sale.
EE Roo he's beautiful and gets along with people of all sizes,gets along with dogs and horses.Just an over all good guy that makes little to no noise here.He loves the ladies but is the 3rd roo in my pen so has to catch the other boys sleeping before he can turn on the roo charm $10.00

EE Pullet will be a year old in July.She lays nearly every day and it's a beautiful mint green.She's a keeper BUT she will not stay in the EE pen she has had her wing cut as far as you can possibly cut it but she will still escape to the Delaware pen.Our EE pen is very big-too big to cover so I can't count on her for pure eggs so I don't have a need to keep her.If you free range or don't mind her picking her own guy then she is a great hen for you.$10.00

PAIR of Rhode Island White(single comb variety) hatched first week in July she is now laying nice big brown eggs nearly daily..these are super layers.We use them for our sex links as well.Super sweet the hens like to cuddle and the roo is safe with the smallest people.Will not sell the hen alone but will sell the roo by himself.$25 pair $10 for the roo.These are beautiful birds I just have a few more than I "need" the black on the hen is dirt she is snow white-boys won't leave her alone and it's been muddy here.

World's UGLIEST RIR Roo hatched last fall from eggs bought here on BYC beautiful color with feet and legs like tree trunks walks like a duck they are so big!He's heading to dinner if no one feels sorry for him He's sweet but his charm won't keep him here.TAKE HIM PLEASE

His Hatch Sister same deep color is missing all of her tail feathers-plucked out but will come back in eventually.Legs not nearly as large she is much nicer looking but still needs a new home.Not laying yet.Sorry camera battery died after taking roo's picture(broke the camera!) $5.00 to move her out
I may have more but think this is it for now.LOTS of young chicks for sale see the baby chick link

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