EE hen started laying then stopped?


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Dec 21, 2011
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Hi, I have a black EE hen that started laying the middle of december. She layed 1 egg a day for 4 days. Now she hasn't layed since the 21st? Is this common?
Nope, she hasn't lost any feathers and seems to be very healthy and happy. She hangs out with my roo, eats and drinks well. She is at the lower end of the pecking order, but she isn't really picked on anymore than the others.
Well, kinda. She lays maybe 3 a week, but not really regularly. I have decided that she just ins't going to be a very reliable layer. I do have a couple of her eggs in the bator, so here's to hoping the roo makes better layers!! LOL!!
Glad to see I'm not the only one that had this happen with an EE.

Our EE started laying in mid-September...5 eggs a week or so, then stopped cold turkey in the beginning of December. She appears to have gone through a molt, which I thought was a bit unusual for a pullet. No eggs since. :(

I've started calling her "Soup" to try to motivate her, but it hasn't helped so far...
LOL!!! Soup!! I will have to try that on mine and see if it helps! Since I am new to chickens, this is all a steep learning curve. I've got 24 eggs in the bator right now hoping to improve my layers... and just for the fun of hatching!
I had one lay a couple of eggs and then stop for about a month. I'd pretty much decided that it wasn't her egg after all and she started laying late. But, in hindsight, she may have been molting and I didn't notice because it wasn't a burst-pillow sort of a molt. You couldn't tell anything until she started dropping tail feathers. Another EE molted her whole tail at once and that was when I realized what was going on.

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