EE hens should be all one color?


8 Years
Apr 15, 2011
Garden City, ID
I got these to Easter Eggers out of the pullet bin. Someone told me that if they have different colored heads, or if they have more than one color on them, that they are cockerels. Is this true? Here they are. (on a side note, does everyone else in these pictures also look like pullets?)






I know you can't see all of both of them in any of these pictures, but they are both in each of them.



I only saw one suspicious one, but if she's a RIR she will still have a really great comb, so I wouldn't necessarily use that as a definitive response. Everybody else looks pretty girly to me.
How do they behave? It's been my experience that the ones that turn out to be roos are the ones who are more curious and in your face. They are the ones who push their way to the front to have their chests scratched or hopping up on the edge of the box to see what is going on.
They look like girls. If they start getting splashes of red/brown on their shoulders or 3 rows on their comb then uusually that means they are roos, but yours look like pullets.
the color part is so not true. right now i currently have 9 EE laying hens that have 3 or 4 colors on each. not a single one i have is one sollid color. not ever my roo. that is what is so great about EEs they are all so pretty in their own way. and you can tell them all right, unlike with some other breeds.
These two are pretty shy and flighty. One of the red sex links is pretty curious and one of the barred rocks as well. The rest are, well... chickens.

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