EE Layers?

I have 2 that are 30 weeks and one is finally laying. I've had EE's before that layed at 22 and 24 weeks, so I think it just depends on the bird.
I am waiting on my Munk who is 27 or 28 weeks this week
no eggs and no signs of laying. I showed her my Brahma's egg and said "Now look here.. This is what is supposed to come out your bum, so get jiggy with it!" Munk then pecked Brahma's egg like it was a treat lmao so still a ways off I think!
23 weeks and found my first easter egg. I have three EE's but now am at 26 weeks and still no more than one egg from them per day. I wonder when the other two will lay?
I'm at 22 weeks with 4 EEs and nothing! 3 of 4 had red faces about two weeks ago. Now not one of them do. Grrr

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