EE lump on leg

Ol Grey Mare

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7 Years
Mar 9, 2014
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My Coop
EE lump on leg. Limping.. Combs pale and wing somewhat hangs

Can you describe the lump a little more or even post a photo? Where on the leg is the lump, is it hard or soft, is it on a joint or does there appear to be an obvious deformity that would indicate an underlying break in the bone, is the bump open and weeping or closed, is it hot to the touch, when did it appear -- all this information and more would be helpful in working out what may be going on with your bird.


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6 Years
Aug 8, 2013
For some reason I can not load the pictures I took.. The bump it hard.. Did not notice it being warm but it is black.. I applied some neosporin and a bandage.. I noticed it a day ago because she was not on her roost.. The bump also goes to the right ? The bump is between the top and ankle. Also has some marks on her foot..

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