EE Or Americana, and what color?


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Mar 27, 2012

I ended up with a lot of chicks that were not the breed they were supposed to be, so I got a few surprises. I haven't had chickens for almost 20 years and was amazed at all the colors and breeds available. Anyway, I love this girl and wondered what she is exactly. And I am still new here so I hope this is the right place to ask.


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Jan 20, 2011
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She's not a recognized color for an Ameraucana so that would make her EE if she lays blue/green eggs. Where did you get her? She's lovely -- the coloring reminds me of red sex links.


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Jan 12, 2012
Looks like an Easter Egger, they really don't have a variety. They come in all different colors, but lay blue or green eggs.

If she was an Ameraucana her variety would most likely be wheaten
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Feb 25, 2011
A really pretty and unusually colored EE! She probably started as a white chick with a caramel colored head, would be my guess.


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Mar 10, 2012
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So sorry I haven't been on here for awhile! I got her at the local feed store. She was in their bin marked Americana, and we know how that goes lol. She was colored similar to a Buff Orpington as a chick and when they started feathering out she was quite a surprise! The lighter feathers have a bluish tint to them, and she has the greenish legs. I bribed them all with mealworms to tame them, so now if they hear the door they run to the gate in their run. They follow me in a little herd to the little mini barn if I let them out, I think I spoiled them! My Buff Orp will peck my leg or foot once then give me the stink eye, then repeat until I dig out the meal worms. None have taken to lettuce, cabbage or any of those things. In fact they still run from those lol.

I think you can see her in my avatar there, the yellowish chick. I sold a few and now have her, one Buff Orp, one Barred Rock (finally) and she likes to fly up on my lap or shoulder to beg, two Silver Laced Wyandottes. I also just realized I logged in as another person, I couldn't remember my user name!

This site has helped us so much! We got all kinds of neat ideas before building our chicken digs and where to find things. I am so glad we have the internet for whatever we need to find out. A far cry from when we raised chickens 20 years ago, and I just can't believe all the equipment and product available now for poultry, goats, pigs, rabbits. Makes it so much easier than having to calculate your own feed at the feed store and have them mill it, then make your own equip.!
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