EE or did BYC get it wrong. wrong color!!

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    Oct 7, 2014
    I got an egg today from one of my hens it was her first egg. I know what color eggs my red star lays, the darker one in the picture, and this one is creamy colored. I posted in what breed/ gender because I didn't know what she was. Was BYC wrong or did my other hen lay a weird egg? My friend gave me all three of my free rang chickens. she got them from a hatchery and didn't tell me the breeds.

    This is my questionable color laying hen.


    And this is the egg with a egg from my other hen

    By its self. I see no green or blue in it

    Did my other hen lay it? Did BYC get it wrong? Did my female ducks do the impossible and escape the pen and stop the egg strike? (That is entirely impossible unless my family let them out and didn't tall me. Witch they wouldn't do.) Or does the egg color change?
  2. Blooie

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    It sure looks like an EE to me, but then I'm no chicken expert yet...I just think she looks a lot like mine. She may be an EE mix, I suppose. As for the egg color, it's my understanding that it is possible for EEs to lay other colors besides green or blue, depending on the breeds used to get the EE. (That's oversimplified but if it's incorrect I hope someone out there will correct me). There's really not a good way predict it until you see the egg, so I don't think the person you got her from deceived you or made a mistake unless they "guaranteed" you a blue or green. It's also possible that one of your other hens laid the questionable egg.
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    Ee can lay brown eggs they are a mix with amercuna and something else usually a brown egg layer while some have the blue egg trait hence the blue or green egg some lay brown pink olive etc . I say she is an ee because of the fluffy cheeks and beard.
  4. centrarchid

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    I see green / blue tint in the smaller egg.
  5. aart

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    When you crack open the egg to eat, peel the white inner membrane off the inside of the it right away, it's not easy but nigh onto impossible after it dries.
    That will show you the base color of the egg....white or blue. If blue, it may also be a very pale blue.

    Ditto that not all EE's carry a blue egg gene...I too see a tad of green in that first pic..
  6. MountainOrchard

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    Mar 28, 2014
    I also have an Easter Egger that lays a cream colored egg! I got 3 EEs from Meyer Hatchery last year. The other 2 lay gorgeous blue-green. I just figured little Maeby was "extra special." [​IMG]

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