EE Pullet hasn't laid an egg for at least 3 weeks!

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  1. OK, so we have one EE pullet that started laying eggs about 6 weeks ago. She laid regularly for the first 3 weeks. Now, nothing for the past 3 weeks! She is eating/drinking/acting normal. She has regular access to oyster shells and good feed/water, ample bug scratching etc.... This hasn't happened with our other girls. [​IMG] Is this something to be concerned about? Normal?
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    Mar 17, 2009
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    I'm having the same issue. [​IMG] A green egg a day then the last 3 weeks nothing! I don't know if she's taking a break or if its hormonal. She was squatting all the time but now runs away like a younger pullet. Two other things happening that might have upset mine - the rooster is 4 mon. old and chasing the hens and there is a hawk making an appearance a couple times a day and everyone hustles into the coop cowering. Someone said they sometimes stop if upset. However that has not stopped the others-they lay daily and my appenzeller just started laying small white eggs. Anyway everyone says not to worry she'll resume when she's ready. But it's my old green egg layer!!!! [​IMG]
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    It's that time of the year when chickens molt, so maybe they are not laying because of that. Also my EE is a very erratic layer, lays for a couple weeks then nothing for weeks. Don't know if that characteristic of EE's or maybe she is a lot older than I think.

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    My EE is a lazy layer. When she isn't molting she lays about 3- 4 eggs a week. My experience with them (I used to have 2 others) is that they aren't the most reliable breed for laying. They seem to use every excuse in the book to take a holiday from it. [​IMG]
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    yup, sounds like mine! no egg in 9 days. Even before then I olny got one evry 2-3 days from her. She was adopted and I was told she was 1 yr old but I think Im having my doubts she's only 1 yr old though?? I looked her over real good yesterday and she seesm like she's moulting:-( so that right there is the egg problem..
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    My EE pullet is doing the same thing. No egg since last Tues when we processed the xtra roos. I'm trying to be patient... [​IMG]
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    Feb 22, 2009
    I guess I spoke too soon. Got a small green one today. [​IMG]

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