EE with "fringe-edged" feathers


11 Years
Apr 17, 2010
North Alabama
Hi. I have 2 EE with feathering that seems a bit unusual to me. The feathers on most of their bodies is normal, but in their hackles the edges don't "zip" like regular feathers. It looks like each feather is edged with gold fringe. About half of each neck feather is normal, then where the color changes it no longer has the barbicels. I don't know if you can see what I'm talking about, but I have a close-up picture. Has anyone come across this before?
I wish I had bred these, because I would love to repeat the breeding. I bought them from Cackle this Spring. JMPE, did yours by any chance come from Cackle? They certainly do look like they could be sisters!

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