Does not appear to be an EE - the body structure is rather heavy, the legs are not green and if it *is* an EE it is a clean faced EE - which does happen, but a combination of all these things being "off" for EE would lead me to consider other possibilities.
Don't know much about EE, had one before that had the same yellow legs and very similar color. This one does like to puff up and look round, she is over all a small bird, thought she might be trying to keep up with the I really have no idea what she might be I am kinda surprised she has not layed yet she about 7 months old. I am sure she a mix breed, I love mutts....
Looks like a golden laced wyandotte cross to me, the rose comb combined with the very slight lacing on the feathers have me thinking so, maybe crossed to something buff?
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A mix is almost cretin, wishful thinking she would be an EE, Wyandotte mix is a possibility I do think they had a few of those in there flock. This is more for my info then anything she a cutie she has the nick name cream puff cause the way she look so puffy.

Thanks for the info

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