Eeeeppp!!!! A Baby!!!!

<3<3 I <3 Chickens <3<3

10 Years
Aug 1, 2009
I hate to explain this in order for my story to make sence without giving anything away. Ok, so at school we are raising baby chicks from eggs. They are the red color-sex ones. Anyway, a bunch of them have hatched and they are SOOO cute, and I saw one hatch, and it's name is Junebug..... now for my story:

Today when I went to school I was suprized to see that there was a different chick that nobody had seen before. It only took one look ate it to tell that was different- and that it hatched from one of my eggs that I broght too school. She/He (PLEASE be a girl!!!) is the cutest mutt chicken you have ever seen!!!! She is either Rhode Iland Red/White Plymoth Rock OR Cinnamon Queen/White Plymoth Rock. Tomarow I will get to take her home and I will post some pics. She is SUPER cute!!! Also, today, at school, another class came to take the chickens to their classroom and I kept the little girl in my hand the ENTIRE time, because the idiots hold the chickens upsidedown and are so mean to them. And when my other two egg hatch I will get them!!!!!!!!

I'm excited.

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