Eep... Power company!


9 Years
Jan 30, 2010
I'm on day 14 of my first hatch, and even though the house's bill is supposed to be paid, the power company's threatening to turn off electricity soon.

I'm not sure what to do if they turn off the power, the little ones are supposed to hatch next week.

And even if they don't turn off the power, my family might make me get rid of the little ones that hatch, even though they agreed for me to get some.

I don't know what to do if I have to get rid of them, or if the power goes out this month (the company keeps putting my dad on hold, even though yesterday they said the house is fine. D: )

Would there be anyone in the IA/IL Quad Cities area willing to adopt some chicks if things don't go right?
I have a total of 7 eggs in the bator right now. 5 sizzle silkies, and 2 silver laced wyandottes.

Tomorrow I see how many are keeping up with development! Candling is one of the coolest things so far about incubating.
Sounds like you are going to have a nice little flock. I love candling myself. I never get over the the amazement of being able to see inside the egg and track their developement. It is a good thing it only takes 21 days, I couldn't wait any longer, hatch day never seems to come fast enough.

I am on day 15 for my hatch, 11 Silkies.
Don't be suprised if your Silkies decide to come a day early. Mine tend to at least.

I have 14 silkies in the coop at the moment with my cochin bantams, I just love them. Anyone that comes to my house, always ask me about the silkies. They can't believe the furry butts are really chickens. Your sizzle silkies are going to be great! I have thought about getting some of those one day, but I am getting to my limit, at least for now. I even have to build another coop this spring I am hatching so many.

It's just another excuse to get more chickens!
I heard about Silkies coming early, I think mine will follow the trend. When I candled on day 10, they looked to be on day 12 according to the sticky on the top.

I think I might know whatcha mean about people having a hard time believing they're chickens, I told my science teacher about them (she wants to borrow my incubator now
) and she was amazed not only that they can be that small, but so fluffy as well.

Speaking of coops, how long did it take you to build one? Right now it seems my little ones, if I keep them, will be partially indoor because I keep changing plans for my coop.
Right now I have an old (and big) dresser converted into one, even though it's not in use yet.
The coop I have now is a large yard barn that I converted into a chicken coop. I bought it already built by an Amish company in the neighboring town.
The new one I am planning on getting is from It is a 4x6 kit, also Amish made. A gentleman I work with got one from them this summer and he loves it.
It should only take a few hours to put together as most of it is already assembled.

Don't worry about your babies staying inside for awhile. They will need to be fully feathered before you can really put them outside anyway, it gives you bonding time with them as well. I will keep mine inside until the weather gets warmer anyway, I worry about them. I have had 4 babies in the house since they hatched this fall.
How long does it take for feathers to come in? (I heard 3months before) I know that my dad, who pretty much owns our basement, would not mind having them stay down there for... ever. He loves birds! Our last houses basement was pretty much an aviary.

I think I'll check out the link! I'm so far towards building my own because of how much pre-built ones have been so far.
There was one I saw from an ad on BYC that was over 1000$! Insane! It was small, too.

Woo~! Turns out we barely have enough for the sudden electric payment. I get to at least finish hatching the little ones!

EDIT// Just checked out that site... Also expensive!
I think I'll like building mine.
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Revelle, I hope it works out for you. Money troubles are the pits.

Good luck with the chickens and I hope you get to keep them.


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