EE's egg changing colors


10 Years
Mar 26, 2009
Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia
I have an EE's that layed a few blue/green eggs then it appeared they started getting darker and now they are brown. Is this normal really happening? Is it normal? Will they ever be blue/green, again? Or, have I completely lost my mind?

I am sure it is her she has been the only one laying in that nest.
could it be posable that one of the other chickens is layi g the brown one's maybe some one that has experence with ee's can offer more help
I think its another chickens egg...Once a hen starts to lay an egg its in the GENES...genetics...THAT they will lay the same color egg might be a dark blue or green alittle....

I wold investigate it...nest patrol every 10-20mins, or put her alone for a few days.

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