EE'S How big do they get?

EE's are just general standard sized. My Aussie girl is a little but bigger, but not by much. You should have no worries with an Aussie roo and EE girls.
I would say it depends on what your EE is made up of. My EEs range from 6-8 pound hens with 7-9 pound roosters.

My Easter Egger rooster is pretty big. At least as big as a standard R.I red roo. Mine's pretty mellow, though, and doesn't mind bantam roosters (I've had up to three other roosters in the pen with him and he doesn't bother them).
MY EE Rooster is still the king of the flock after 2 years with many fighting for the position, he is large with nice spurs and is really the best with the hens.


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