EE's wide range of colors.

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    My youngest daughter and I are curious, we would like to know who, in this community, has, or, are thinking about getting EE's just for their wide range of colors, and would it be a better selection if EE's were ordered from more than one place, as probably different crosses would be used, in your selecting them....I already know the reason for colored eggs.

    I ask about birds.

    My DD has informed me a few nights ago, she wants EE's..........for the pretty eggs..........I would like to know about - b r o o d i n e s s - in EEs, does it depend on each hen's genetic make-up? I refuse to get into the incubator trap with the some of you [​IMG]! I need hens that will "work" and "not slack in the setting department", and the wide range of colors, since this will be a joint venture for both of us. [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    I would imagine you'd get different colors if you ordered them from different places.

    I lost two of my EEs to sickness this week.
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    I don't know if this responds to your topic, but I just got 2 EE pullets in my order from Ideal. From the photos I'd seen on BYC of EE chicks, I was expecting a couple of chipmunk peeps, but I got some weird grulla (yellow-ish gray) colored chicks with darker spots on their heads, shoulders and the base of their tail area (can't see the dark spots in the photo), with green legs and prominent muffs. Their adorable little wing feathers are coming in white. I'm interested to know what color they might turn out to be.

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    I am very similar with EE's. I didn't want a bunch of birds that looked the same like some places send.
    I got all my EE's from Ideal via differerent feed stores. Not one of my 16 EE's look the same. If you order from somewhere you don't have a choice of color, but if you go to the feed store you can pick out any and all the different colors you want. There are lots of color types out there if you look for them.
    Good Luck [​IMG]
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    No one EE ever seems to be the same color, because they are mutts [​IMG]

    My two EE girls have the same base colors, but different patterns.....i got mine for the blue and/or green eggs! Both of mine are the most common "partridge-y" color.....^_^ Although, when I find some Araucana and Ameraucana pullets/hens, I will sell them.....

    cityclucks - I wouldnt be suprised if your chicks turned out to be some sort of blue or splash, possible a grey color!
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    We have 2 and one is a wheaten coloring and the has a Blue lacing pattern to her. they both looked like chipmunks when we got them though
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    Chicken Whisperer - why do you call EE's "mutts"?
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    Quote:Because that is what they are?
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    EE's are mutts. See the sticky at the top of the breeds forum.
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    One of my EEs from ideal is just like the one cute. She's yellow with just a touch of color on the top of her head, and two stripes on her back. The other ee is chipmunk. My last ee was completely buff...she died in a predator attack this winter. I love their green eggs!

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