efowl.com offering free shipping


10 Years
Jun 1, 2009
Just ordered chicks from efowl.com for April. I have ordered from them before, and have had great success
They are offering free shipping !!!
Congratulations. I have never heard of that company. I don't own any hatchery stock birds, so I have not ordered chicks from a hatchery in many years. I looked at the website, really neat.
Nice find.
It may work for a lot of people out there!
For me not so much. They do have access to the breeds I am looking for but those are offered only as straight run.

The order per breed also knocks me out of ordering.

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BUT they do have the breeds I am looking for so that is more than a lot of others are offering.
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I found their website 2 years ago, and have ordered from the for the past 2 years, all bantams. This year I've ordered standards. Got a bee in my bonnet for speckled sussex and faverolles. Of course I'm also getting bantam faverolle eggs later in the Spring...
Just passing along info. This sight allows a minimum order of 15 chicks, I believe Mcmurray requires 25. I did not need or want 25 chicks, so this sight is good for people who want less chicks, plus free shipping made it a good deal for me. If Mcmurray works for you price and chick wise, go for it!
My test order turned out to be more than my entire order from McMurray. Less chickens, too. lol
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I thought McMurray was high, and they had that minimum order too. PurelyPoultry had great deals, you could order just 1 of each if you wanted and shipping was 40$. I've just never bought LIVE animals and had them shipped before. Will they be ok- even in Feb in New England or will half of them be frozen solid when I open them??

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