Egg Binding and Prolapse, advice please

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    Hi everyone, my 8 month old gold laced Brahma, Reba, has a prolapse and upon examining her I noticed that she is egg bound. She has not had any other typical symptoms of egg binding, she eats, she's alert and acts just as she always has. I noticed the last few days her poo has become different, and then yesterday I actually saw the prolapse so I immediately brought her in to the sick room. I bathed her in warm water, I used a blow dryer to dry her feathers (she loved this by the way lol) and then I applied Preparation H to the vent area to try and reduce swelling and lube everything up. Upon exam I could feel the egg literally right at her vent, the pointy end of it seems to be pointed down. I lubed the whole area and then let her be for the night. I was hoping to find an egg this morning but nothing has changed. I cleaned up the urates from her bottom and reapplied the lube..... What more can I do for her? She is my prized gold laced Brahma.... I would be devastated if I had to put her down....

    I forgot to mention that this is her first egg.
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    She needs calcium right away. Give her a crushed Tums or 1/2 an adult calcium tablet. Ground egg shell in a bit of yogurt will do. Then get a rubber glove and some lubricant, and try to push the prolapse back inside. Don't give up. Honey is good to use on the prolapse or Preparation H. Then repeat the bath just up to wings for 30 minutes with very warm bath. Here are a couple of links to read:

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