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    I dont have a hen that is egg bound, but am very curious as to why this seems to be such a common issue, when we used to raise 80-100 layers at a time and never had one get eggbound... we raised RIR, BO, and Barred Rock, is it just that in the last 16 years since I raised chickens the gene pool has gotten tainted that badly or were we just lucky?

  2. Glenda L Heywood

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    Apr 11, 2009
    No it is the way people feed pullets today
    every one wants to get eggs so they push pullets to lay in record time
    we always let the chickens grow out more longer and they laid towards fall in the old days
    Now every one wants pullets to lay at -6 months old
    The body of a pullet can't grow as fast as the high protein pushes it
    and too many on this board are always looking for what might be wrong with their pet chicken
    some imagine it and then some really do have a egg bound pullet

    So hopefully you don't have this happen to you
    It really is something one has to act on immediately to keep the pullet from stressing and ruining her egg laying ability

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