Egg Blowing- How to

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    Here are some pictures on how to blow an egg if you are wanting to preserve one. Like a first timers or anything.


    You will need:
    an egg
    a syringe (I use a cattle needle at the end)
    a bowl
    paper towels
    a cup with soapy water


    push the tip of the needle in, making a clean hole
    repeat on other end of egg (so you have two holes)


    fill the needle with air, put the tip in the egg, and push out air
    repeat several times till your egg has next to nothing in it

    Now I didnt get a photo of this, but its fairly simple.
    fill the syringe with water and put water in the egg. cover both holes with your fingers and shake, cleaning out the eggs.
    then, keep blowing out the egg.

    once its cleaned out, put it on a paper towel, it will continue to leak egg junk, and over night, it should get completely dry and empty.

    then, you can decorate it. put a sticker on it then mod-podge over it. color it, dye it, many possiblities
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    Ive done this for my first eggs and it worked great.
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    Feb 1, 2013
    Putting blown eggs in the microwave three times for 25 seconds not only sterilizes and dries them, but it gives the shell extra strength.

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