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    Dec 24, 2013
    My little Blue Splash OEG Bannie hen is/was eggbound (I think) and bleeding pretty bad. She apparently had a egg stuck and broke inside her. It looked like something pointy sticking out; I thought it was some plastic or something she may have gotten a hold of at first. It's out now, it was an eggshell for sure. She was bleeding before it came out.

    I don't know what to do to help her [​IMG]

    She has never laid an egg before, btw.

    Thanks for any help :'(
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    Welcome to BYC. I would get a rubber glove and lubricate it, and insert a finger into the vent gently to search for any egg shell that got left behind, and remove it. Is she still bleeding, or does she have any pink skin hanging outside the vent now? You might give her either a crushed Tums, adult calcium tablet, or a crushed up egg, shell and all for a dose of calcium. If she has any prolapse of her vent (tissue hanging out) I would give her a warm bath with some epsom salts. Dry her thoroughly with a towel and dryer. Put her in a crate or cage, and cover it or put it in a dark room for 16 hours out of every day. Cut down some on her rations, but give her plenty of water. This will after a day or two, help her to stop laying for awhile for her vent to heal. She will be prone to doing this again, and possibly become an internal layer or have egg yolk peritonitis, so I would do a little research on those terms.
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