Egg bound chicken - I think


Oct 19, 2018
Morning -new to BYCs - I think I have an egg bound chicken but not sure. I noticed her being a bit "off" a few days ago - pale comb, a bit lethargic, kind of puffed up-didn't change so last night did some research. Thinking she's egg bound - super tight/hard belly and I can feel what I think are 2 eggs "lined up" on her left side. Brought her inside yesterday - gave her food with yogurt and ground up calcium supplement, gave her 2 warm baths with Epsom salts , put my finger with oil in her vent but didn't feel any egg right away (wen in maybe 1/2 ") - no egg. She is drinking a lot of water and I don't think ate any feed yet. Vet next ? But no one available on weekends -what to do? Thanks!

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