Egg bound chicken.

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    Nov 15, 2016
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    My chicken is here in my kitchen. I think I lost my chance to help her expel the egg since I put one finger up the vent and a blob of red matter is extruding. This is probably her intestines.I originally felt the egg but now it seems to have slipped further up. I tried steam, warm bath and petroleum gel. Will she die? Did I mess up everything?
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    She may have a prolapse with egg binding. You will need to give her some calcium (human calcium, Tums, ground egg shell in yogurt) and make sure that she is taking fluids. Try to move the egg toward the vent opening to get it out. Keep the prolapsed red tissue moist with honey, oil, or lubricant so the tissue does not dry and die. Some hens will die from this, but here are some links to read to help you:


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