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    I have a hen going on 3 years old (buff orp) just lays there and won't get up not interested in eating or drinking. My DH has been taking care of the chickens since I am pregnant and have terrible morning sickness I can't handle the smells outside. I am not sure how long she has been like this he brought her in this morning and didn't notice her doing this yesterday. But I am almost positive she is eggbound, I can feel the loose egg in her abdomen. I think she is past the point of trying to push anymore, she won't even try. She just lays there and won't move. I feel like she has given up, I gave her a warm bath and have her in the bathroom keeping warm.
    I have to leave just now (bad timing!) I am hoping she will be ok until I get back, any help would so great! thanks!
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    Keeping her warm should be helpful. In addition to the warm bath, I have read that a heat lamp or a heating pad can also help relax the muscles. Gentle downward massaging is said to help as well. If she decides to push again, a bit of vegetable oil to lube her vent could help.

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