Egg bound or something else?

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    Well got a call from a friend who lives 3 blocks away.

    She has only 1 hen.No roos

    Its an RIR/Leghorn Cross

    So my friend went outside to feed her some lay pellet

    Next thing she sees, the chicken(her name is lucky)
    has something coming out of the behind

    It looked like egg yolk and whites

    Then some bits of shell came out.
    But not she is dripping lots of the yolky thing out what can she do???
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    Dec 21, 2007
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    the egg broke inside the hen.
    this can cause infection, especially if the shell cuts her and bacteria from the egg can enter the blood stream or system.

    others might have different suggestions..

    but the hen should be well washed out using a squirt bottle, with sterile saline solution ..(available at pharmacies, including Walmart)
    try and remove all shell bits you can see..CAREFULLY..
    any cuts you see should be dabbed with diluted betadine.

    be prepared to give antibiotic, such as Pen-G procaine (available at farm/feed/livestock suppliers.)..and syringes.
    or contact a vet for med advice.

    could the hen have been handled roughly, or fallen?
    keep a close eye on hen for any symptoms of fever (hot comb and under wings, huddled or hunched), or acting sick..
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