Egg bound? Or worm infection?


In the Brooder
Jun 5, 2020
Help! I have a chicken that seems like she's either egg bound or has vent gleet. She is lethargic and drinking a lot, still eating willingly though. she is not flopping around or anything. She feels a bit warm and swollen in her abdomen area. I soaked her in warm water for a while and after soaking, she actually felt a bit more swollen. about an hour ago, she passed yellow membraney stuff. This started yesterday morning, and last night i gave her some ivermectin just in case worms were an issue. this morning she passed two dead roundworms. i believe she layed an egg yesterday but the egg's shell was very thin and broke right away. any ideas of whats wrong? Thanks in advance!
Update - today is the third day of her acting sickly. She is still eating and drinking a lot Thank goodness.

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