Egg Bound Silkie


10 Years
Jun 10, 2013
Silkie, the silkie had gotten upper respiratory issues last night. Clearly, that got worse and she got stressed out. We treated her for the upper resp but a bit to late. She already got egg bound.

We have her two baths, and did the thing where you hold her above steam. I used lubricant around her vent and such.

I also just gave her a very small price of tums. Not sure on a amount and I didn't want to kill her. She won't eat or drink, so I occasionally syringe her water.

Poor girl :(

Any advice will be helpful. Will try and keep you posted.
Baths may stress her. Check inside the vent with a finger to see if there is an egg present. I would use 1/4 of a Tums for a silky.

She's starting to eat now. I no longer feel an egg though. Maybe there was no egg in the first place, or it passed and I never saw it in the towels. I gave her some tums last night as I saw people recommended that. Thank you :)

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