Egg bound v. Internal Layer

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    Can a laying pullet suddenly become an internal layer? I have a BR who has become lethargic, standing alone, and being picked on horribly (the others have drawn blood on her comb). I know they all were laying at one time. I'm thinking she is egg bound, I soaked her butt, lubed it with oil, isolated her in her own coop but still nothing. She did seem to drink a lot when I put her in her own space but doesn't seem to be eating much and there is no poop on the floor (its been since yesterday) I do think I felt an egg near her rear but I don't know. I don't dare "go there" to get it. Are the symptoms different when a chicken is egg bound v. internal layer. What to do?
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    I don't know, but would like the info for future use. BUMP!
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    Use the search function on BYC and you'll find tons of info. on this. Yes, eggbound is different from internal laying. Eggbound means they have one "stuck" in the egg-laying canal. Internal laying means the egg isn't making it down the canal, and is breaking inside, causing infection. Both are very dangerous. I hope your girl is okay! [​IMG]

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