Egg bound??

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    Aug 28, 2015
    can anyone tell me what I should do?? My female Pekin has been laying perfect eggs daily for a year. Yesterday, I found her lethargic, not eating and displaying all the symptoms of being egg bound. I soaked her in warm water and she passed a perfect egg but was still not "right" She was leaking fluid from her vent and had part of a shell sticking to her feathers by her vent from a SECOND egg. I found an article describing how to insert a finger to remove any shell still in her and removed a whole shell that was soft and still inside her. She had relief and seemed great. Started eating and acting normally. It's been 12 hours and now her symptoms are back. She didn't lay today. Stopped eating and is lethargic. I gave her another warm soak but no egg. She's leaking clear fluid from her vent again. What should I do????
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    Get a vet if possible

    Start her on 200 mg calcium twice a day for two or three days

    Let her float in a tub of lukewarm water for an hour

    I am not a vet - this is what I would do

    Please keep us posted - she may need antibiotics if she gets or has an infection.

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