Egg bound?


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Jul 30, 2015
Knotts Island NC
I am nursing a sick chicken today and I was wondering if anyone has any advice or experience with this issue.

I have a almost 7 month old hen who is either laying or just about to lay who since yesterday has been walking funny and squawking up a storm. At first I thought she was just getting ready to lay but today was was wondering in and out of the nesting boxes and looking distressed. I think she is maybe egg bound. I looked up some information about the condition on line such as a hard abdomen, inflamed vent, feeling for the egg through the vent and such. I can't tell if her abdomen is hard and I can't feel an egg but her vent was red and swollen. I lubed her up pretty good with Vaseline while I was in there and I applied hemorrhoid cream to her vent as were the instructions I read online. Her vent looks much better and she has already passed two stools. She also no longer squawking.
My question is this; could these symptoms be of another problem since I do not feel an egg in there? What else should I look at?


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Apr 3, 2011
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Was part of her cloaca prolapsed outside her vent? That can happen due to straining or from being egg bound. If you felt inside her vent an inch or so with one finger without feeling an egg, then she probably is not egg bound. Keep an eye on her, since I figure that she will probably start laying soon. They can get noisy and act funny, getting in and out of the nest boxes when they are going to lay. Is her comb red?

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