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    I have a chicken that's egg bound. I've lubricated her, given her several tums and one crushed calcium/vitamin d pill mixed in baby food, and two warm water baths, the last one with epson salts. I let her rest for an hour between baths to see if the egg would pass. She did poop some when I lubricated her the last time. My question is do I keep up this bath/hour rest all night, or do I let her rest? I don't mind being up all night with her, I'm just not sure if keeping her will help her situation or make it worse. In hindsight I suspect this started a week ago, though she wasn't fully blocked at the time. I'm a brand new chicken owner, plus I had just gotten her so I didn't know what her normal behavior was...I know she's one of the older hens, so I thought it was age, not an issue.
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    You may want to let her rest. Make sure she has plenty of fluids. Dehydration and lack of calcium seem to go hand-in-hand with being egg bound. It sounds like you have given her adequate calcium, so focus on hydration.

    Here's so more detailed info, keep us posted.
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