Egg bound?


Aug 7, 2017
Hey guys! I'm pretty sure my RIR is egg bound. She is about 7 months old and starting laying 2 months ago. Yesterday morning she was waddling like a penguin, and squatting a lot. Her belly is swollen and red, and bare. She keeps plucking. I have given her 3 warm baths with Epsom salt, feeding her tums with her food, and using some lubricant on her vent. This morning during her salt bath, she took a very large poo in the water. She did not poop at all yesterday. She is moving around a bit more, and eating/drinking some. Her comb and wattle are in good shape. Is this is a positive sign? Am I a wishful thinker? No egg yet. Any feedback or knowledge is appreciated!
Yes, I think you've diagnosed her correctly. Sometimes these stuck eggs take quite a while to resolve, so patience.

Calcium can play a crucial role in treating an obstructed oviduct, so you want to give her some immediately. Ideally, 400mg calcium citrate with D3 is best. but Tums will do in a pinch. This helps with contractions and to possibly build a shell around an egg that is hung up in the shell gland.

Has she ever laid two eggs in the same day that you are aware of? Some hens release two yolks and their bodies can't produce enough calcium for both, so one may lack a shell and get hung up since soft eggs are hard to pass.

The first time I ever had an egg-bound hen, I was very surprised to see her pass a soft-shell egg an hour after expelling a hard-shell egg. Now I know that this can be the problem causing the obstruction.

Instead of repeated soaks, which can stress out a sick hen, try placing a dampened bath towel over a heating pad set on low, or a hot water bottle. Letting her sit on moist heat after getting a calcium tablet can expedite the process. Place her hospital crate in a quiet, dim place where she won't be disturbed. Make sure she has water and stays hydrated.
Thanks so much for the info! I did a soak yesterday, and one today. While she was in the soak today she had a very large poo. I felt a bit more optimistic after that. I'm not sure if she has laid more than 1 in a day, but I have 4 chickens and I have been retrieving 3 eggs a day. So it is possible. I will use a heating pad for her and keep waiting! Thanks!

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