Egg bound?

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    Apr 11, 2010
    My cute little mottled cochin bantam is not acting herself. I checked her little behind right away, feeling around the vent, and yes, there is defiantly an egg>>right there. She just laid an egg day before yesterday. What causes egg bound? Of course, if she lays that egg today, I will know that is not the problem, but she is just fluffed up, not eating like she normally does..I put out treats, and she's usually one of the first ones there. It is cold now, but she has been out in it doing fine. I have a heated coop for night. Not sure what is going on. [​IMG] I even did a DE treatment for her, as she did look pale on the skin that I did see. Just in case there are buggies that I'm not seeing, but I keep DE in my nest boxes and floor.
    I know, not much to go on...thanks!

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