Egg bound??

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    Mar 6, 2015
    Help! This morning I went to feed my girls and noticed one of my hens looked horrible. She's lethargic, humped over, and will let me do anything to her. She won't eat or drink either. I also noticed in her nest box that there was some yolk and such like she had an egg break inside of her??? She does have symptoms of being egg bound and has had difficulty in the past passing large eggs or eggs that are soft shelled. I've inserted a finger inside her and can feel a mass. I lubricated her vent and have done the dunking of the rear end in warm water. Now I have her resting in a kennel with a heating pad under her. Any thoughts, ideas out there?
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    Welcome to BYC. If she is acting that sick, don't bathe her anymore. I would bring her inside if possible to watch her closely.
    You can give her a human calcium tablet or a Tums. Crushed egg shell and oyster shell is pure calcium carbonate as well. Can you poke a gloved finger into her vent 1-2 inches to check for an egg? Place her in a warm humid spot such as an extra bathroom with the door closed and hot shower running off and on. Here are some good links to read:
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