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    Mar 22, 2012
    • OK so after finding a new dead hatched chick, I decided today to go and candling the eggs that are left. It's been over a week since I last candled eggs. Well I have four fertile eggs. It's really hard to see cuz these eggs cuz they are brown and are from my Rhode Island Red. 2 of the 4 eggs are all dark inside, I mean I can't even see the air sac...(i guess that's what it's called). Does that mean that they should be hatching any time now or does that mean that they are probably gone.. The other two have the air sacs. Now if anyone read my last post these two are those ones that I found laying outside the nesting box. And I know they had ben out for awhile cuz they were cold to the touch. Please can someone give me some answers? Maybe I'm just overthinking (or over stressing) this whole thing.I mean seriously, it shouldn't be this hard, right?[​IMG]
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