Egg Carton Labeling - What's The Best Approach?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by BetterHensandGardens, Apr 27, 2012.

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    We want to sell our eggs, but are required to use new cartons and label them with the farm name, etc. to comply with the rules and regulations in Ohio. What's the most economical approach to getting egg cartons labelled with your own farm information?

    Someone gave us 100 unused egg cartons, but they're labelled with another farms name. We could pull those labels off (they're about 10" x 3") and affix labels we print - but I haven't found any labels of that size. What does everyone else do to label your eggs when you don't want to buy thousands of cartons?
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    I am in Ohio and really only sell to friends. I use paper that I cut up to appropriate size. Labels are so very expensive, then I use packing tape to put them where label is supposed to be. I put "wash first" "ungraded" and our farm name with cell phone number on it. I also have some basic how to boil fresh eggs instructions on them. Hope this helps. I bought labels but they are very expensive, one roll of packing tape and plain white sheets with labels that I printed with my ink jet printer at home is pretty inexpensive.

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    I was hoping for at least finding self-adhesive labels that were the appropriate size that could be printed on - or is it better to buy cartons printed with most of the information and then just stamp the farm name information on?
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    I noticed that egg cartons dot com sells labels with the nutritional information, if you are required to use that.

    I'd just paste something over the labels on the cartons you have.

    You can buy sheets of peel and stick labels for your home printer and make your own. You'll go through those 100 cartons fast.

    Have you tried any of the office places that specialize in large numbers of do-it-yourself xerox machines? Maybe they have something. I'm thinking places like Kinkos.

    I bought a case of egg cartons from eggcartons,com. The label basically says Farm Fresh Eggs, how many, and what type (duck, in my case). But it is slick paper and I do not think you could use a rubber stamp to add your name.

    I'd go with a home printed peel and stick label with your name and contact information, and whatever else the state requires and call it good. Nobody will choose your eggs over another because of fancy labels. They choose your eggs because of you and your methods of raising eggs, You don't need a super fancy label.
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    I use Avery #5163 labels myself. Or you could use their 5160 for a smaller version. The 5163 comes 1,000 labels to the box. The 5160 comes 3,000 to the box. The per label price comes out to be pretty small. Run them through a laser printer if you can. You can use an inkjet if that's what you have, but make sure to keep the labels dry.

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