Egg cartons off CL...Safe?


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Feb 12, 2009
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Ok, I found someone on my local CL with extra egg cartons, very cheap, and we are working on setting up a date for me to pick them up. Of course it will be in a public spot, in daylight, and my dogs will be in the car. Very safe. I told my dad, as an extra precaution, so someone knows I am doing this. His response was "I hope he's not some sicko and that the cartons don't have something unspeakable on them. $5 isn't even gas money"

Really? I know some people are sick, but this never even occurred to me. I figured it was just someone who had been given or saved cartons and wanted to make a few extra bucks. My gut says they are fine and go ahead and get them. What do you all think? I hate having the seed of doubt planted.......
Go with your gut. If it sounds ok & YOU'RE Meeting in a public place, it'll be fine. If, when you meet up, something seems off, then say thank you & leave.

I get stuff off CL all the time. In fact, tonight I'm headed to someone's house to pick up canning jars. Like you, if it doens't feel right, I'll leave.
My customers give me back my cartons and I use them (clean) until they are damaged etc.... But I found checking has some good deals on misprints. And I like the idea of clean unused cartons. I return the same carton to the same customer...I'm weird though, Write their name on carton.
I'm going with the new ones now as well. I was asking family and friends to save them for me until my aunt dropped some off and said "make sure you spray them with lysol first, there were mouse droppings all over them."

EEEEwwwwwwwww...... yuk. I never would have known had she not said anything.
To those of you who only buy new cartons, do you increase your egg prices accordingly? I did purchase new misprints from Eggboxes, but am trying to keep my costs down, and don't want to have to increase my egg prices.......
I don't get enough yet to have customers outside of family, but I will offer a discount to those who bring their own vessel. They may have a basket, box or bag that they can come load with eggs and leave my cartons. If not, they will pay for the new carton.

The local apple orchard does the same with plastic jugs.
We have a CO-OP in town that takes cartons customers bring in and gives them to whomever wants them - free. The recycling center doesn't take them since they're already "post-consumer" reclycled materials. I guess they can't be ground up and re - re-formed material. We're pretty strict about recycling around here. I've never had a problem in the 10 years I've been recycling (clean) cartons. They all come from established egg producers (factories, organic egg producers), not people's back yards (until I get them, of course, but my buyers are friends, and always bring them back to me).
I guess my point is that it may be possible to get free cartons w/out dealing with some underground carton distributor...used cartons should be FREE!
I ask my family to save paper cartons for me. I don't like styrafoam anything. To think that mice ran around on them just yukked me out. You can't clean a paper carton.

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