Egg-celent news!


Feb 11, 2015
First egg today! So happy.
Was jumping up and down when I saw it.

And here's the problem- it wasn't in the coop. It was in the corner of their run (and under the coop- had to crawl my way to it.
Yesterday I had a hunch, so I removed the boards blocking off the nest boxes (as they had taken to sleeping in them) and changed out the bedding with some fresh bedding and cleaned up the coop.
Checked on them at night and all were roosting where they were supposed to, so all is good.

I've had golf balls in their for the last few weeks but that hasn't seemed to encourage them one bit...

What are some tips&tricks to getting them using the nest boxes?
. In order to get our girls to use the nest box I blew out a few eggs and showed them to the chickens. If they cracked or broke the eggs I wasn't worried about them eating the eggs and becoming egg eater. I also kept pushing them into the box with the empty egg in there. It took a bit of time, but they now only like one box, so there is a back up of egg drama. Have fun and enjoy your delicious eggs.

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