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    Im not sure if this is the right spot for this question, if its not, direct me in the proper direction please..

    Ok.. Ive got an easter egger hen and a black langshang rooster.. The easter egger lays blue eggs.. Ive got a couple of her eggs in the incubator and am wondering on what color of egg the offspring will lay. (If its a pullet, of course.. LOL)

    What about a black copper maran hen.. and the same rooster.. will the offsprings eggs be brown or is there a chance of getting the realy dark chocolate eggs from the offspring? The hen lays realy dark chocolate eggs..

    Oh, and since im on this subject.. Another easter egger hen lays pink eggs... what color will her offsprings eggs be if bred to that same langshang rooster?

    Im hoping for Olive egg layers, but am not sure how id have to breed to get them.
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    oh I have been reading the olive egger thread all day. Still got more pages to read. You might find it interesting..
    olive egger thread

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