Egg color question


8 Years
Jun 14, 2011
Washington State
Are Cockoo Maran eggs darker then most eggs? I thought so but I just ordered some hatching eggs and when I got them I am surprised to see they are not any darker then my orpingtons eggs. Does anybody have some picture so I can compare. Thanks
Most Cuckoo Marans, because of commercialized breeding solely for egg production, do not have very dark of eggs. Some do, but they're not common.

If you want dark eggs, go for French type Marans like Blue and Black Coppers or Blue Wheatens and Wheatens.
Well dang it! I wanted these for the dark eggs and I did a lot of reading about them before I decided to try to hatch some out. Everything I read on the net said these eggs might not be as "dark" as the Black Coppers but should still be dark. These eggs I got are not dark at all. I guess I will be building yet another coop for these chicks if they hatch, I was just planning on putting the pullets in with my orpingtons but I can't if I can't tell the eggs apart as I want to keep my Lav orps pure. I'm already at my limit for chicks this year if these hatch.....oh well there is always next spring right?

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