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Oct 16, 2020
Northern California
One of my Pekin ducks laid a blue or green egg back in September. However, ever since then her eggs have been off white. Why did I have this freak occurance of a colored egg? I am guessing she just got extra coloring on the egg for some reason.

Not concerned, just curious why I got one colored egg.


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Hmmm. I have one runner duck who usually lays very pale greenish eggs, and once in a great while she will lay a much deeper colored egg. But I've never had one of her white-egg-laying sisters produce an egg like yours. Interesting ...
The white eggs in the picture are from my other pekin. I could probably say the off-white color is very pale green. It makes it makes it look like a really dirty egg. You can see one in the bottom rack, middle one. Egg from the same duck.
Yeah. I am guessing at this point it must be an her working out the kinks of laying. It was in the early weeks of laying eggs. I never really expected a colored egg from a pekin, since it is rare.
No it was the duck. 100 % positive. I had 2 ducks of laying age. The rest of my ducks were only 3 months old or younger at the time. One was quarantined for bumblefoot, laying the white eggs. She was the only other duck. She laid an off white egg the next day. Maybe I could that a very, very pale green egg. That is why I found it so strange.

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