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    I have been researching the kind of chickens I would like to have. I will be getting them this spring. I have seen that Americaunas lay blue to green eggs. Is there a way to know which of these will lay blue and which will lay green? I can only have six chickens where I live and would like to have all different color eggs, including white, brown, speckled, and pinkish if possible. I would like to also have all different kinds and colors of chickens. If I can only have six, I am going to have trouble picking. Help! Any ideas???
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    There is no way to tell exactly what color egg you will get. If you buy real ameraucanas from a breeder you are more likely to get a blue or minty green egg. However, most breeders do not sex chicks and you will end up with roosters.

    You can get easter egger chicks from most hatcheries and usually they are good at sexing them. They usually come in a variety of colors, but you will not know what color the eggs will be until they lay.

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