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    i am so confused...a little while back i got 6 eggs from 6 hens all in nest i figured i had 1 brown layer, 1 green layer and 4 white egg layers...

    since that day i usually get one brown and one green at least every to every other day but have only ever gotten one white egg and always in the top row of the nest boxes...

    today was a strange one and has me confused. i came home from work early due to weather and had my usual 1 brown(although my brown was not in it's usual box) 1 green and
    i only got one white egg but it was in the seat of one of the old kitchen chairs in the pen that they prefer to roost on the backs of instead of a nest box like usual.
    then i hear an egg song and expect to go out and find another white egg...nope brown and spotted and shaped and sized and colored differently from the first brown.

    so did i get 2 new layers today? did one lay two? did one just decide to plop one out in the chair cause she was there? will there be more before the day is over in strange places? is there a hidden pile of eggs i can't find? confusing. i love them...

    i know a few of them are older hens so i know their production levels are lower but i can't figure out any sort of patern, that's for sure
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    My friend and I split a batch of ee chicks. His started laying at 1 month old. Worked till he figured out some of them were hard boiled.

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