Egg delusions


10 Years
Jun 25, 2010
Has anyone ever told you a very untrue thing about eggs and back yard chickens? Or has a phobia (I swear she does) about eggs? So what has been the weirdest thing someone has told you about chickens/poultry and the eggs that go with it?

So we were at a family gathering this weekend in which I brought TONS of eggs for everyone to take home, I also made TONS of deviled eggs to eat. My cousin then asked if these deviled eggs were from my eggs or the store bought white eggs? I told her from mine- OH.... k I guess I won't eat them. She then goes on to tell me she will only eat White eggs from stores. I asked her where do you think those white eggs come from? and I did try and tell her that it is just a different breed of chicken that lays the white eggs verses brown eggs. Then I told her the duck eggs are white.... She almost went over the edge with the mention that I would think of eating the duck eggs. Something about how she saw this show where they were eating incubated eggs and the duckling was mostly formed when they were eating them. Seriously there was no reasoning with this woman and nothing I could say was going to change her mind so I just tried to change the subject.
There is one in every carton...

I have a relative that told me,"New Mexico, old still can't drink the water."
so you walk off shaking your head and years later when you least expect it, it pops into your head..and no one knows why you are suddenly laughing.

Store bought eggs, meat and milk do not come from animals or farms...didn't you know that?
They assemble in in the back of the store.
I sell chicken eggs to my sister-in-law and when we finally started getting duck eggs, hubby asked her if she wanted to try some and she practically screamed 'NO' at him. We told her it was no different than a chicken egg and asked why she didn't want any and all she could say was that she didn't want to eat duck eggs because apparently that's gross.

They come out the same place as a chicken egg.. what's the difference?
It was just so out there. White verses Brown eggs- I did ask her about brown eggs at the store and she said she wouldn't eat any brown eggs. She was thinking of the fertilized egg for most of the argument and I can give her a bit of wiggle room there but I also told her unless she actually knew what to look for in the egg she would never find it. She also didn't want to eat anything baked with my farm fresh eggs... *Sigh* I didn't have the heart to tell her the brownies she was munching on were baked with my eggs because I had just given my mother a bunch of eggs and it was most likely the duck egg because I know my Mom doesn't like the thought of eating a sunny side up duck egg but she would try baking with them
When we got our very first chicks my old neighbor wouldn't let her kids touch them because she thought they would get the bird flu...
I saw something on the news, and it showed this pink, soft serve looking stuff. It turned out to be ground up liver and eyeballs and everything else we usually don't eat.
It is called meat paste, and that is what they use to make store bought sausage, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, etc.
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